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Paradise Lost by John Milton

Friday, September 4, 2009

Food, shopping and stuff...

Sometime ago Vixel mentioned that she would love to try durians. Finally, after almost a decade, I've reacquainted my taste buds with that fruit. Durians have this hard thorny shell, quite difficult to open. Nowadays, one can buy them conveniently prepacked in Malaysian supermarkets. Bought four packets for M$ 10*.

The taste, heaven. The smell? Er... not unpleasant. My mistake however was to carry the recently acquired durian around in the shopping center.

On shopping centres... visited Berjaya Times Square. Can you imagine ten floors of shops, with cinemas, bowling alleys and a theme park as diversions. The shopp-a-holics can leave the kids and partners...

(I was exploring the food hall !)

The month of Ramadan has just started. This is when Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown (not even a drop of water !).

For the non-astronomers, sunrise and sunset times are published in the dailies.

During this month, there is a proliferation of little roadside stalls selling typical Malaysian fare. The daily breaking of fast in the evening is one of celebration. People buy their evening meal ( is the last thing on your mind if you've been working and starving the whole day).

... and these stalls sell a famous Malaysian dish... satay!

... and Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) was a dish for the poorer members of the community, now it's found in all the 5 star hotels. It comprises the rice cooked in coconut milk, a sprinkle of fried peanuts and ikan bilis (anchovies?) and a dollop of sambal (a kind of thick chili paste).

... and I had my nasi lemak with beef rendang (a mild dry coconut curry). Not going to tough it out with a couple of peanuts and anchovies...

More weird and wonderful fruits, bought a kilo of mangosteens for M$3*. This sells for A$1* each in Sydney. Unfortunately, rambutans (the red hairy ones) weren't in season.

Much better than the Aussie Beef jerky is the Long Yok. It's thin slices of pork, marinated and then smoked.... sweetish and it's yum!

Wandering the wet markets, spotted mud crab for sale at M$22* a kilo. Crab sells for A$40* in Sydney. The poor crabs landed up on the dining table looking a little... er cut up?

Finally, Bak Kut Teh (literally translated spare rib tea). Ordered my bowl at this place, it's spare ribs cooked for hours in herbs and soya sauce.

Planning my next trip... who's coming?

* M$3 = A$1 = U$0.80 = £0.50


Vixel said...

Oooh that all sounds so good!

Lisa said...

wow, this is the best blog.. I'm really hungry and want to try aaaaalll of those dishes. That mall is amazing, do we have anything that would compare? I doubt it. So why was carrying around that fruit a bad thing? Did you stink =)

I love all these pictures I'm learning lots. I need to do more traveling.

Lavender said...

Whoa man - Ive got to get a snack now, but Im pretty sure the closest I can get to all those goodies is a PB&J sammy LOL
Great post!

Anonymous said...


queengilda said...

all this food i love and miss!! i hate you.

Charlotte Drene said...

That shopping centre is just outrageous! My goodness!

Young Werther said...

The food was great, the shopping better :)

@gilda you must be able to buy all the goodies in NY albeit at 3x the price....