Forlorn.of.thee (fa'lo:n ŭv thē), p, my only strength and stay,forlorn of thee, whither shall I betake me, where subsist?
Paradise Lost by John Milton

Monday, July 30, 2007

Da Vinci's - The Last Supper

Slavisa Pesci, a computer analyst has claimed to have found new images in Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. These images were discovered by superimposing a reverse image on the original image.

The result, two figures appear a knight and another holding an infant…pah!

Pictures courtesy of News Corporation .

Step one ... the original
Step two ... the reversed image (with apologies to Leonardo da Vinci)
Step three ... see it? A figure in red robes has appeared at the end of the table, and the 'Mary Magdalene' figure appears to have disappeared from the left even though the image should be, in theory, perfectly symmetrical.
Is this it?

Close up..

So, what do you think?
Another conspiracy
People with nothing better to do
Absolute bullshit
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bonnie and Roy and Clyde...

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born 1910, to a poor family. Father died when she was four and was raised in poverty by her mother. Bonnie was an excellent student in school where she excelled in creative writing and even gave introductory speeches for local politicians. She was intelligent, personable, strong willed and attractive.

Yet we have to ask ourselves, why she associated herself with thi
s bunch of losers. At fifteen, she married Roy Thornton and after four years they separated but never divorced. BTW Bonnie was wearing Thornton's wedding ring when she died. Thornton was sentenced to five years in prison and was gunned down in 1937 during an escape attempt.

In 1930 Bonnie Parker met Clyde Barrow in January at a friend's house in Dallas. When they met, both were smitten immediately and most believe Bonnie joined Clyde because she was in love. She remained loyal to him till they day they died violently...

Bad choices, bad decisions…mmm... we've all met that type.

Source: Wiki, Dilbert

Friday, July 13, 2007

Meme... eh?

Long time coming… but better late than never :-)

Thing with guys, we’re never good at sharing secrets. Too many damn skeletons in that cupboard!

Was tagged by Annie, Lavender and BFG and here’s the rules:

We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

  • Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
Here goes, money for nothing…

  1. Went to an English boarding school. Very much like Hogwarts, brooding towers, dark corridors and large dining halls (…but no girls!)
  2. Read Harry Potter and not afraid to admit it. Have read many children’s books like the Chronicles of Narnia and Ender’s Game series.
  3. I’m pretty good at snooker and darts (especially when balancing a pint on my head).
  4. Hate going to the dentist (does this one count?) Would rather face a tax audit or the Spanish Inquisition.
  5. Food ~ love Sashimi especially the raw fish (blessed in Sydney for the fresh and abundant supply), addicted to mangos, custard apples, spaghetti and aubergines (egg plants).
  6. Love ancient and medieval history, always wanted to be an archaeologist (influenced by Indiana Jones.)
  7. Started smoking at 13, gave it up at 27
  8. Was given the task of closing a company (over a period of 18 months) and then making myself redundant, never told the wife. She kept asking “Why are you answering the phone?” - Duh, I’ve had to sack everyone! No, that wasn’t my reply :-)
Who to pressure. Any one who reads this and Tribe friends welcome.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


We fall in love with the person we find attractive and when that someone is also attracted to us, we’re flying, out of this world, euphoric, wow! Able to face the ups and downs together, most of us do indeed survive!

But beware, one of the toughest challenge (that almost always comes out of left field)…. when in each others arms admiring the sunset, watching TV or even lying in post-coital bliss, is the question …. “Why do you love me, darling?”

Get it wrong and you’re a cactus, dead, extinct like a dodo :-)

Incorrect answers include..
I don’t love you. I love your money.
Define “love”.
It’s your body I want (including references to any specific part of the body).

Spontaneous answers…
Because you are my life and I cannot live without you.
I don’t know. I just do!

Acceptable answers…
It’s your mind/ wit/ intelligence…
(You’re really smart and talented)
Love your sense of humour..
(You make me laugh)
You’re beautiful, good looking, sexy/ hot..
(You really turn me on)
Because you’re an inspiration to me..

So, you’re in love and you’re faced with that question…now you know what you say!



Girl: Why? Why do you love me?

Guy: Why? Well, because.. because you're beautiful.. and because you're wonderful.. and because you're terrific.. and because you have a really great.. [ looks at her chest ] uh.. you're loveable! you're loveable, that's all.. [ she remains silent ] What?

Girl: You don't love me for me! What if I was fat? Would you love me if I was 300 pounds?

Guy: Your breasts would be bigger! [ laughs ]

Girl: Come on!

Guy: I'm joking! I'm joking here!

Girl: Would you love me if I was six inches tall, and you had to carry me around in a shoebox?

Guy: I love you!

Girl: What if my arm was 40 feet long, and you had to move it around in a truck.

Guy: Okay.. you talk so big? You talk big? Let me ask you something - would you love me if I was going bald?

Girl: [ thinking ] I would love you if everything you touched turned bald.

Guy: [ impressed ] Ooohhhh! I love you, I love you!

Girl: Would you love me if I refused to ever have sex with you again?

Guy: In a different way..

Girl: Would you love me if I hated you?

Guy: Now, wait a second!

Girl: Answer the question!

Guy: Wait a second..

Girl: God! You have to think about it?

Guy: No! I love you! I love you!

Girl: Would you.. love me if I was seeing someone else?

Guy: [ caught off guard ] What?

Girl: Would you love me if I was seeing someone on and off for the last eleven weeks, more on than off?

Guy: Now, now, now.. wait a minute, what's going on here?!

Girl: Just answer the question. [ phone rings ] That could be him.

[ phone rings again ]

Guy: Answer the phone!

Girl: Answer my question!

Guy: [ reaches over the bed, grabs the phone and slams it to the ground ]

Girl: Why, you crazy.. [ she picks the phone up from the ground ] Hello? Oh, hi, Mrs. Scarpelli. Yeah, he's right here, hold on a second..

Guy: [ takes the phone ] Hi, Mom! [ laughs ] No, Mom, everything's fine, everything's okay! I just dropped it down by accident! Yeah. Yes, Mom, I love you. Yes. A lot! Oh, come on, Mom..!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Online Relationships

I’ve read about it, didn’t (maybe wouldn’t) believe it. Love based on emails, instant messaging and social networks, pah!

Putting scepticism aside, I oft wonder what LOVE is? Is it some indescribable feel good thing, some je ne sais quoi, or can we be a little more specific.

Did some reading and discovered this shrink who defined love in three bite sized pieces . These pieces are:
  1. Intimacy,
  2. Passion, and
  3. Commitment.

Intimacy includes closeness, sharing and communication.

Passion is mostly sexual, sort of love/ lust at first sight, the other person being one's paragon of virtue and perfect in every way.

Finally, there's Commitment, so called "cognitive or thinking component" (eh? what's that I ask). This may include support, a sense of obligation, willingness to make sacrifices for the person you really care about, or say, hanging around a loveless marriage for the sake of the kids.

Ticking through the above points, have asked myself can there be intimacy in an online relationship? Have discovered to my surprise, most definitely - a resounding yes! The emails, IM chats, all modern forms of communication. Never has there been a better time to get intimate!

Passion? The physical separation of an online relationship may be a drawback but then as two people get to know each other, good chemistry grows or as photos are exchanged, there’s always a stirring of passion, emotion and not to mention jealousy!

Finally, commitment, if two people are ready to spend time to get to know each other, listen, share the problems and pain suffered, there must be commitment. There is no stronger demonstration of obligation and duty in trying to make that relationship work.

This so called “scientific” approach, confirms that online love is not some pipe dream but a reality that happens to the lucky. If love were merely a matter for the heart, no justification is then necessary because one can feel that magic. No more incredulous, suspicious looks from me, I'm sold !