Forlorn.of.thee (fa'lo:n ŭv thē), p, my only strength and stay,forlorn of thee, whither shall I betake me, where subsist?
Paradise Lost by John Milton

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So, size matters eh?

Researchers showed over 100 women (mostly in their late 20's), 350 computer generated images of men with different body shapes, heights and penis sizes (ranging from 5-13 centimetres).

The ladies took three seconds on average to choose, with the largest penises proving most popular. Not only were the ratings higher, but the women also spent more time gazing at the generously endowed figures, a sign they preferred looking at them as opposed to figures with smaller penises?

Feeling better already, I can now ogle big boobs guilt free!


Lilly said...

He he he, funniest post I have read in a while. But what, no pictures?

Mary Rafferty said...

Enh, we all have our preferences!

Young Werther said...

Mary, us Aussies are fixated with big things.. and Lilly this one's for you ;)

jaxson corey said...

Wow…this post tingled my toes. I’m so full of admiration and respect for firefighters in general and now you in particular Stewart. Thank you for sharing.
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