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Paradise Lost by John Milton

Monday, October 29, 2012

Blackberry Help 3: Email without Blackberry service

Number 3 in this series of Blackberry How To**

What happens when you have a normal SIM with data but NO Blackberry Service (BIS or BES). You want email and a workable browser? The answer is to install Opera Mini and LogicMail.

The Blackberry browser won't work and Messages will not pick up your email.

Opera Mini is a great little browser running on WAP or the slow GPRS connection. It's small and fast. Prefer version 4. Download Opera Mini 4.4.3 here.

LogicMail is an excellent standalone email client designed providing full support for IMAP, POP, and SMTP over WAP and the slow GPRS. Download LogicMail 2.0.0 here.

** More as a memory jogger for myself rather than for any greater noble purpose


Lilly said...

I have a Blackberry and have no bloody idea how to use it properly so this more useful than you may think.

Mal said...

BB handheld (9700) can't open the zip files :S ?

Young Werther said...

It was once said, having a Blackberry without BIS or BES is about as useful as t*** on a bull. I'm a bit of a scrooge, signed up to Crazyjohn for the free calls and SMSs to family and they threw in 500mb data free.

Had to find a workround for email and browsing :)

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, it works!