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Paradise Lost by John Milton

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best Free Blackberry Applications

With the demise of my Dell PDA, I've had to make do with a Blackberry 8310.

What sucks:
  • The BB screen is about half the size of the PDA.
  • There aren't as many free applications for the BB as a PDA running on Windows Mobile.
  • Word and Excel software normally included when you buy a Windows PDA, but nothing with the BB. Not even an Acrobat Reader for pdf files (Yes, I know, the enterprise server is capable of converting these files when sent as attachments in an email but it's just not the same).
  • The Windows File Explorer only recognises the BB after signing onto the Desktop Manager and the Roxio Media Manager. Give me ActiveSync anytime!

Attempting to make the BB feel more homely and less of a occupational hazard, I would recommend the following freebies:

Mobiola xPlayer lite v1.8. The BB Media Player is pretty poor, if all you want is an MP3 player, you can't go past the Mobiola lite. The problem is that you've got to install BB's App World first.

Mobipocket Reader v6.0: I've been a Microsoft Reader fan for ages, but a Mobipocket Reader is a more than adequate substitute. I've converter my LIT library with the ABC Amber LIT Converter (to HTM), then to PRC files with the Mobipocket Creator. Both free.

FileScout Lite. A free file manager for the BB. A txt reader is included.

Opera Mini 4.2.1. The BB browser is terrible for viewing many pages. I've gone for the Opera Mini, but version 4. Version 5 is terribly unuser friendly!

Google Maps v2.2.0. No further comment needed. If there is one application that is a must have, this is it. I can even see the office in satellite view.

Kinevia MetrO. If you're in a strange city and need a public transport timetable, just download it with this application. Timetables and are available from Aachen to Zurich!

BB Notepad v1.1.3. Unlike the BB MemoPad, this one allows you to create files in txt format.

Magmic Sudoku v1.0.10. Bored, exercise that brain with three levels of difficulty.

Handmark Blackjack v1.12. Practice your Blackjack skills before visiting Crown Casino.

There are various chat programs available Ramble IM and Yahoo Messenger seems the best.

Hmmm... wonder why App World keeps warning me less than 5 Mb free memory available !


Lavender said...

Transition to a new device is always fraught with angst....but it seems the BB is a big step down from where you were...although, that Kinevia MetrO sounds like it could be mighty handy!
Hang in there MateyO, and have a Happy Chocolate Consumption Festival!

Syrie said...

Any interest in iPhones?

Young Werther said...

G'day Lav, that Metro is an excellent app!

Syrie, I cant afford an i-phone :(

Anonymous said...

is Opera really worth it ? The browser is hands down the worst feature of the BB - that, and the text messages not threading. I really miss my Treo's touchscreen too, but it wouldn't be so bad if I could actually surf the damn Web with the trackball...anyway, I don't want to fill up the memory, of course. So - Opera - worth it ?

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.