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Paradise Lost by John Milton

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beauty Marketing 101

The market is dominated by the big boys (or girls), Estee Lauder, Clinique, L'Oreal but to name a few. The market is crowded and despite the credit crunch, buyers are still willing to spend. So how can a one differentiate oneself?

By offering a unique product. Something special and unique with miraculous properties...

We have a Norwegian company, Bioforskning, synthesising a compound found in sperm and claiming the resulting concoction is the ultimate new wrinkle-busting antioxidant or the (not-cheap) offering from SkinScience (now we know how those porn stars stay young and it's free too!)

Or the offering from SkinMedica, its TNS Recovery Complex is formulated with harvested foreskin cells.

For an organic feel, how about a bird-poo facial tested by Japanese geishas since the 18th century?

Thank you MSN!


Loving Annie said...

The facts are that nothing prevents aging. Sure if you live healthy lifestyle and pamper your skin, you may look good for your age, but you'll never really fool anyone that you're more than a few years younger than you are.

Lavender said...

Nothing surprises me about the 'beauty industry' anymore - but it does always amaze me that people still fall for it...maybe there really is a sucker born every minute?
Kinda sad, isnt it, that people are so desperate that they will spread sperm and placenta (collagen) and fish scales (lipstick) all over themselves - ICKY!!! LOL

Young Werther said...

Was watching this program on TV, it turns out Aussies are the world's biggest per capita use of Botox.

Vain bunch we are!

gilda said...

lol about the porn stars.

bird-poo? good god! YUCK!

Bren said...

Hey, I am using the new product by Olay and I have to say that it makes me skin not only feel good but it is firming it as well. Now, I do not have to go to a dept store and pay big buck. I can go to Walmart and pay big bucks.

Dang. If only I had a husband, I could stay beautiful forever. Who knew?

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