Forlorn.of.thee (fa'lo:n ŭv thē), p, my only strength and stay,forlorn of thee, whither shall I betake me, where subsist?
Paradise Lost by John Milton

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bangers and Mash

When I was living in Hull, would quite often dash across the Humber to the Scunthorpe office. For luncheon, we would partake in real winter warmer, a true Pommie delight, Bangers and Mash. It's a dish of sausages, mash potato covered in a thick onion gravy...yum!

Having moved down under, I've discovered a perfect substitute. What one needs is a packet of kanga banga, a steal at $3.54 from Coles. It promises to be 98% fat free, full of protein and the sausages are gluten free.

Next get yourself a couple of our unique Kipfler potatoes. These are a little pricey this week $5 a kilo. They make excellent mash, a gourmet offering. Don't forget the cream and butter.

Finally for the lazy, a tin of Gravox. Guaranteed perfect gravy every time.

Voilà the perfect Aussie version !


Loving Annie said...

I'm just such a fan of home-made, I don't think I could do that version...

Young Werther said...

The kanga banga or instant gravy?